Learn about your body, your cycle and your four phases and you will come to know how to take care of yourself and own your power all month long. 

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Every day, you are enough.

Your hormones change throughout your cycle, which means your needs, strengths, moods, energy levels, YOU change throughout your cycle.  Understand and channel this to Meet Your Power and you’ll never look back.

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" Thank you for making this pain free and joyful and creative and musical all at once! In wonder and awe. "

Tammy & her three daughters

What's in it for YOU?

A Window into Who You Are

A cycle is more than the bloody part, or the premenstrual bit. It has an impact on you all cycle long. How you feel, your energy levels, motivation, your relationships and so, so much more...

How to Cycle Track

You can't get knocked around by your cycle (feelings, energy levels, diet) if you know what's coming. Take charge of you, and go with the flow.


Radical Self-Acceptance

Shift your thinking, close the door on the negative narrative and the old ways of being, and open up to self-healing, self-love and your innate powers.

Here's what you get...

  • An entertaining and engaging introduction to the menstrual cycle with song, science and story 
  • 10 Lessons delivered through video, audio, and transcript
  • How to track your cycle, with a downloadable chart
  • 365 days of access to all the course content and support
  • My cycle check-in daily practice guidance
  • Cycle and course support from me through the course share space

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This course is for you if...


✓You're tired of the period rollercoaster and you suspect there is a better way (spoiler: there is!)

✓ You are ready for a refresh on your menstrual cycle

✓  You are getting ready for your first time

✓ Someone you care about has a cycle and you want to understand and support them better

✓  You want to understand how menstrual hormones can affect emotions, energy levels, diet, self-talk, everything.

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What people are saying about Lucy

"I understood so much more about periods, I love the way you explained it especially with the illustrations and diagrams as the visuals made it a lot more entertaining and easy to understand. You made me understand that periods are a lot more than just bleeding."

Lily, 13

" Reflecting in on my first period experience has opened up thoughts and feelings that I didn't know I was still holding on to. So grateful for this insight. Ready for more 😀 "

Alison, 33

" I love how inclusive and welcoming Lucy is. Including an acknowledgement that not all women have periods and not all people with periods are women is so great! I wish I had had this kind of education when I first got my period! "

Bec, 32

" Since learning of Lucy and her period queen magic I am getting better at being kinder to myself and understanding myself better "

Kylie, 40

"I value how you normalised periods and being a woman in the most reassuring way. I've learned so so much "

Sophie, 12

" It’s the first time exploring other aspect of menstruation other than pain and bleeding "

Diana, 37

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Get your Free Menstrual Cycle Tracking Chart To Help You Navigate Your Cycle And Harness Your Innate Powers.

An easy-to-use chart with my simple steps to make tracking a, life-changing, daily habit.