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Launching 10 Sep '23! 


Immerse yourself in three months of life-changing menstrual cycle support and you'll never look back. 


I will guide your journey, building a relationship of trust and love with your body.


Enrolments close 10 Sep, limited places so hurry!



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Course Enrolment Closes
10 Sep 2023!

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What our community is saying.

"I have resented my body my whole life... And as I've gone through the course, now, Cycle awareness equals self-love for me, and that is huge for me."

Michelle, Believe Your Body Course Feb '23 

"This course has profoundly changed my life for the better."

Jess, Believe Your Body Course Feb '23

What's in it for YOU?


Connect Deeply With Yourself


You are not linear, you are unique! Discover the where's and why's of your highs and lows through the lens of your cycle. Create a life long practice of self love and  support. 


Harness Your Powers


Get off the menstrual rollercoaster and learn how to support your cycle. When your body, mind, and soul are aligned you'll be able to unlock your own innate powers.



Radical Self-Acceptance


Shift your thinking. Close the door on the negative narrative and the old ways of being. Your cycle can be a source of unbridled pride, self-healing and compassion.

Here's what you get:

  • Welcome¬†call with Lucy¬†to connect and set up your journey

  • Immersion Workshop¬†with an embodied¬†exploration of¬†the four cycle phases

  • Cycle¬†coaching¬†2 x 1 hour, personalised menstrual coaching sessions¬†¬†
  • Weekly journaling¬†with audio prompts & guidance
  • Access to online foundation courses¬†to explore at your own pace -¬†Meet Your Power¬†and¬†Explore Your Power¬†

  • Live webinar¬†with Dr. Rose McDonnell (Gynecologist) and Angela Hywood (Naturopath)¬† to share your questions with the experts
  • Recipes to support your cycle¬†from Ambrosias Table¬†
  • 365 days of access¬†to¬†all the¬†course content and support
  • Plus a free signed book, cycle journal and more...¬†

This course is

for you if...

  • You want to understand your body, learn to listen to it, and to truly¬†LOVE IT

  • You want to know how to harness your menstrual cycle powers to be more aligned, effective and confident¬†
  • You want to improve your relationship with yourself and others with self awareness and healthy boundaries

  • ¬†You want to connect to your creativity and¬†intuition
  • You value and understand the¬†benefit of self-reflection for personal growth

What's included: 

One-on-one Welcome call with Lucy

(Valued at $100)

Once you've enrolled we'll schedule a welcome call with Lucy so she can chat through your expectations and understand where you are at in your journey. 

Cycle Immersion 


Saturday 16 September 2023, 4pm to 5:30pm (AWST) 
Lucy Hosts a Live, Zoom Workshop, 1.5 hrs

(Valued at $125)

This is an embodied workshop that allows you to explore yourself through the lens of your cycle. Lucy uses movement, meditation, music, breathing, visualisation techniques and more to meet you where you are and bring you back into your body, in the sanctuary of your own home. You can expect to learn, explore, listen and share within this precious time.

Personalised  coaching

Book coaching sessions at a time that suits you (when Lucy is hormonally best suited to support you!) and get granular on what's holding you back and the potential ahead.

(Valued at $500 for 2 sessions)

Lucy holds the sacred space of your cyclical inquiry. With her coaching and guidance, you will use this time to reflect and connect in a safe and supported way. Crack through the barriers to access your own inner wisdom.  

Guided Journaling Practice

12 x 5 minute audio prompts 

(Valued at $165)

For three whole cycles, you’ll receive weekly journal prompts. Each month we’ll focus on a deeper exploration of how you can meet yourself and learn to scaffold and support your cycle. This inquiry will give you rich data to reflect on as you progress through the Believe Your Body course.

Month 1 - understanding the cycle, tracking and your changing energy

Month 2 - exploring the nuances of how the four phases work for you

Month 3 - learn practical ways to scaffold and support your upcoming phases and how to stay ahead

Self-paced online courses

Full access from date Enrolment

(Valued at $98)

Work through the self-paced online courses Meet Your Power and Explore Your Power. Delivered through videos, music, stories and activities, Lucy will introduce you to the power of your cycle and guide you through each of the four phases of your menstrual cycle - Dream, Do, Give and Take. With simple embodied practices, including meditation, breathing, self-care and self-talk strategies.

Click here for more info on Meet Your Power

Click here for more info on Explore Your Power

Live Interactive Webinar

Date TBC with options provided to suit the majority of participants, recording also provided.

Share your cycle questions with the experts in a 75 minute session with Dr. Rose McDonnell (Gynecologist) and Angela Hywood (Naturopath)

(Valued at $100)

You’ll hear from both of these women’s health champions about how best to support your kind of cycle and advocate for yourself when speaking with health practitioners. 

Dr Rose McDonnell is a Gynaecologist and an Advanced Laparoscopic Pelvic Surgeon with a Special interest in Endometriosis & Fertility. Angela Hywood is a highly recognised and globally respected naturopathic authority with over 25 years’ experience in clinical practice, international education and authorship.


You'll also get:

+ A signed copy of Period Queen (RRP $35)

+ A Believe Your Body Journal (RRP $15.99)

+ Thermometer for cycle tracking (RRP $9.99)

+ Recipes to support your cycle from the gorgeous Ambrosias Table

+ Access to the recording of the workshop 

+ And so much, much, much, more!

The total value of this course is over $1100

Enrol Today for $770

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After three cycles with me, you'll take away... 

  • An embodied understanding of the cycle and the four phases

  • How to¬†recognise where you are in your cycle, and how to plan accordingly¬†

  • A simple cycle tracking practice that works for you

  • A reframe of what it means to be cyclical and a deep appreciation for how you work

  • Confidence to have cyclical conversations in all areas of your life

  • Strategies¬†to integrate cycle awareness into the important parts of your life - relationships, parenting, creative processes, partnerships, at work and more...

  • A bank of personalised self-care¬†practices¬†that will support yourself for the rest of your life

  • Three months of cycle-centred emotional data that you can draw¬†upon¬†to support your next season of life¬†

  • New self-awareness to help you with setting boundaries, making good decisions and staying true to yourself
  • Whatever you put in!

Believe Your Body Course only AU$770


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What people are saying about Lucy...

" Reflecting in on my first period experience has opened up thoughts and feelings that I didn't know I was still holding on to. So grateful for this insight. Ready for more ūüėÄ "

Alison, 33

"After watching the TED talk, I was dying to read the book. I listened to the podcast first (& shared the shit out of it) and then when the book turned up it was like having a long long lovely lunch with your best mate. "


" Since learning of Lucy and her period queen magic, I am getting better at being kinder to myself and understanding myself better "

Kylie, 40

"I love how inclusive and welcoming Lucy is. Including an acknowledgement that not all women have periods and not all people with periods are women is so great!"


" It’s the first time exploring other aspect of menstruation other than pain and bleeding "

Diana, 37

" It's completely changed the way I view not only my period, but about being premenstrual  and being a woman. "


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